Are you a senior looking to move out of your home and into a new place?

It is not uncommon for seniors to choose to downsize as they get older when they no longer need to have as much space at home. This may be because their children are grown and have long since moved out of the house. Some like to move to small apartments or senior living communities where they can socialize with other people that are in the same age group while living in a safe and comfortable place.

No matter where you are moving to, you may need to get some help with everything, and a senior movers company like us will be there to assist you with everything. At Expert Home Moving, we provide services in several areas, including Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and DC.

Handling the Heavy-Duty Items

Our professional team will handle all the heavy-duty items that are a bit too large, bulky, or heavy for you to lift and move all on your own. We understand that you may struggle with lifting because of certain restrictions caused by different ailments that you might have, and we do not want you to get hurt during the process of trying to move to a new place. We are true experts in packing and moving and we can do it all for you to keep you from having to lift a finger. We have the supplies, training, and experience to handle situations like this.

Eliminating Some Stress

Although you likely feel excited about making a big move, you are probably dealing with feelings of stress and anxiousness over getting everything done, too. If you have lived in your current home for several decades, there is a good chance that you have a lot of belongings that you would need to pack and transport to the new place. No matter how many rooms are in your home and no matter how many belongings you need to transport, you can easily rely on our experts for packing and moving services. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Move With Ease While Continuing to Feel Good

We want you to feel good throughout the moving process. Never put a strain on your body by trying to overwork yourself, carry items that are too heavy, or do too much walking back and forth with all the different boxes that you have packed. When you hire us to help, you can make your move with ease while continuing to feel good rather than feeling overly exhausted and extremely tired.



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